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Xagave 36 oz $16.99
Xagave Natural Sweetner ,  Features 100% Pure Organic Agave Nectar, Natural sweetner that enhances flavor and texture of foods, Special blend of nectars derived from the Agave Azul (Blue agave) and Agave Salmiana (White agave) plants.  Use in place of sugar, Natural source of fiber, iron & calcium, Low glycemic index, simple to use and versatile, Delicious taste, Great for cooking, baking and canning.Sweeter than sugar and more filling, 25% to 40% fewer calories than sugar, Use 1/2 to 2/3 cup XAGAVE vs. 1 cup sugar, Helps you achieve your weight loss and health goals.  Low glycemic index food that leads to stable blood sugar levels for improved energy - 30 on the GI scale.  Contains Inulin, a soluble fiber that improves digestive health by stimulating growth and activity of good microflora in the lower intestine.  Studies show that consumption on Inulin improves calcium absorption and bone density in women by as much as 15%.  Sweeten Your Healthy Lifestyle, Use Xagave & Feel Better.  Includes 1 Ea. xagave18.jpg
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