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WonderMIll, Jr. Deluxe


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The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill, is  the highest quality most versatile hand mill available.  You can create super fine flour or coarse cracked grains for cereals.  By simply swapping the stone heads for the stainless steel burr heads you can make delicious peanut butter or other nut butters, you can grid flax or any other oily or wet grains, you can grind herbs and spices, soy beans, and legumes, and even grind fresh coffee.

The features; The whole mill is powder - coated making it safe to wash for easy clean up.  The hopper is large and holds over one quart.  The octagon shape of the hopper makes it easy to fill.  The Wonder Junior is one-piece construction, it has a heavy - duty patented double clamp.  It attaches to tables or counter up to 2 inches thick.  The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill uses extra large lifetime lubricated bearings and it has a heavy base that can be bolted to any table or counter.  Best of all it is very easy to turn the handle to grind the wheat into fresh flour.  Come with Stone Milling heads, and Steel Burr Milling heads.


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